Mary Chamberlin Cookbooks

The Traveling Cook Book - Discovered Recipes from Around the World

by Mary Chamberlin – Foreword by Sharon Van Meter

Bring the world to your table!

  • Over 74 scrumptious dishes from around the world
  • Easy-to-follow recipes from a culinary expert’s special collection
  • Gourmet cuisine for every taste and budget
  • 156 Pages

Travel the gourmet trail with Chef Mary Chamberlin through pages of interesting and discovered recipes collected from her travels around the world.

This book brings to the gourmets, cooks, chefs, and food enthusiasts, discovered recipes from over 26 different countries that Chef Mary has traveled to and lived in, all made possible by her husband, Captain Roy Chamberlin, who was a chief pilot for TWA/American Airlines.

Come join Chef Mary in The Traveling Cook Book on her culinary adventures and delicious discoveries thru Argentina, England, France, Greece, Hawaii, Italy, Spain, Thailand, and Wales and many others. Also included is a section of her favorite salads.

The Traveling Cook Book ends with a spattering of discovered recipes with hysterically funny names. Enjoy the is truly hilarious. Bon appetite!