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Mary Chamberlin Interview in the Monterey Herald


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NewsRadio 1330 KNSS, The Good Life


Interview with Mary Chamberlin on The Good Life radio show.

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Santa Cruz Good Times, Mary Chamberlin’s Cookbook—The Traveling Soup Pot


I will never forget having dinner at renowned chef Mary Chamberlin’s house in Carmel in 2009. A friend had invited me to see Julie & Julia, the comedy-drama movie about Julie Child, and then to a Julia Child-themed dinner in Chamberlin’s spacious abode. Not only did Chamberlin make the best French onion soup I have ever eaten, but she prepared enough for around 100 people. Her “dream kitchen,” as she calls it, was featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, so guests who didn’t fit into the dining room and elsewhere were very happy to eat in the place where she prepares her culinary wonders. The cookbook is a journey through many lands—with soup recipes from close to 20 countries. A foreword by Michel Escoffier, great-grandson to perhaps the world’s most innovative chef, Auguste Escoffier, highly recommends Chamberlin’s book—and that says plenty right there.

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Wisconsin Bookwatch review of The Traveling Soup Pot


The May 2013 issue of the Wisconsin Bookwatch features a review for The Traveling Soup Pot. This review also appears in the May 2013 issue of the online review magazine, the Internet Bookwatch.

Read the wonderful review below:

The Traveling Soup Pot is a master’s collection of delectable international soup recipes inspired and influenced by Chef Mary Chamberlin, along with her husband, Captain Roy Chamberlin and the legendary Michel Escoffier, descendant of Auguste Escoffier, also known as “the King of Chefs and the Chef of Kings.”

Here are over 100 imaginative soup recipes from global sources, arranged by area of origin. We have Mock Bird’s nest Soup from China, Alan Wong’s Red & Yellow Tomato Soup from Hawaii, Chicken Mulligatawny Soup from India, Portuguese Fish Stew, Swedish Soup with Dumplings, Lobster Bisque and Crabmeat & Brie Soup from France, Chilled Vichyssoise from England, Irish Stew, Leek & Potato Soup from Wales, chilled soups, Island soups, Mexicali Tortilla Soup, and finally Clam Chowder New California style, and many more from the American continent and others of hybrid or mixed origins.

Recipes are divided into chapters based on origin, or type, such as chilled soups. An interesting 10th chapter offers “From Hobo to Must Go Soups,” a combination of upscale versions of Hobo Stew, Mulligan Stew, and leftover miracle worker soup.

Standard measurements and clear, step by step instructions make these fabulous soups accessible to all. A bit of culinary history is woven into each recipe, fascinating details that make the experience of offering of The Traveling Soup Pot all the more savory. Here indeed are fabulous gourmet and comfort food classic soups for every taste and budget.

This edition is also spectacularly presented, with a special illustration of a Ford Tri-Motor airplane from the Roaring 20’s on the cover, carrying a wandering, giant covered soup pot! Colored photos also decorate the chapters and further inspire the gourmet soup chef, amateur or not.

May 2013 Wisconsin Bookwatch
Midwest Book Review