Mary Chamberlin Cookbooks

The Traveling Soup Pot - A Savory Journey Through Many Lands

by Mary Chamberlin – Foreword by Michel A. Escoffier

Bring the world to your table!

  • Over 126 delectable soups from 27 countries
  • Easy-to-follow recipes from a culinary expert’s special collection
  • Gourmet soups for every taste and budget
  • 194 Pages

Soup, the original comfort food, is a thousand-year-old fare with universal appeal.

Now Mary Chamberlin brings you the authentic tastes of regional soups in easy-to-follow recipes that will fill your kitchen with the flavors, aromas and sensuous colors of distant lands . . . from the Caribbean, Italy, Greece, France, Sweden, China . . . and beyond.

From sumptuous to spicy to spectacular, Mary’s recipes have been gathered from cozy cafes, busy bistros, three-star restaurants – and even the home kitchens of renowned chefs. The Traveling Soup Pot brings adventure, romance and the touch of a passionate gourmand to your everyday meals.

Mary has created what she calls her “Happy Recipes” for your delight, in the same way she serves her wonderful soups – with love.

Dinner in Blue Hawaii?
Supper on the Left Bank?
Midnight meal in Madrid?

With The Traveling Soup Pot as your passport, it’s your choice!